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See what our clients have to say about us! We are proud to share our unsolicited testimonials from happy real estate owners that are delighted with our level of service and management expertise. We always care for our client's properties as if they are our own, and it does not go unnoticed. House numbers and addresses have been removed to protect privacy.

  • Hi George, I have been meaning to get back with you for so long now, ugh. We wanted to thank you for all you have done for us the past....I think four years. Woodruff and especially you have made being landlords bearable. We had a property manager for about a year prior to you coming aboard, that was an awful experience. Woodruff with all the technology on the website and being able to sign and view documents online made it easy to handle any issues that arose. We are so happy that we had you as our property manager, we literally did not have to think or worry about our property out there unless an issue arose and seldom did they, I think because you had placed good people in there. Also you took care of any problems right away so they didn't become bigger problems. Anyway, Thank You for being an outstanding property manager and Realtor and getting our place sold so quickly. We have nothing but good things to say about Woodruff and especially you George and will definitely refer anyone we know that could benefit from your services.

    Travis and Jan Yardley

  • After trying to manage my residential rental property myself for the first few months I decided that I needed a property manager to handle all the details of dealing with tenants. For three years Patricia Montour managed my property where she oversaw small renovation projects like restoring the hardware floors, refreshing the paint, landscaping and installing new fans in the living areas. There were never any issues and Patricia kept me informed via phone, emails and provided photographs of before and after for the projects. Everything was handled promptly and efficiently. I couldn’t have asked for more for the small management fee I paid monthly. When it came to selling my property I contracted Patricia and she saw to a very smooth process that alleviated any of the stress I have experienced before when buying and selling a home. I would not hesitate to recommend Patricia or Woodruff Property Management for residential properties.
  • Five stars. Woodruff Property Management is excellent. I have used Woodruff for the last three years and have gotten to know some of the staff personally as they deal with the issues related to my rental unit. Their personalized service and ability to respond to problems set them apart from other property management companies. The staff for Woodruff is professional and knowledgeable. They are able to take care of both property owners and tenants. I highly recommend them.

    - Paul Zarlengo

  • We found ourselves with a house that we needed to rent out. At first we tried doing it ourselves, but quickly realized how much work it was finding tenants, dealing with tenants, and dealing with the maintenance requests and issues. I found Woodruff online and contacted them. I met with Geoff and immediately I began to have piece of mind in how to manage this property. Basically Woodruff took the keys and have handled everything - both good and bad for close to 4 years now. They are competitive in their rates, outstanding in their performance, and have a good owner's portal where the owners can pull reports related to their property. Top notch; I highly recommend using Woodruff.

    - Jason Carter

  • The decision to go with Patricia and Woodruff was an excellent one. In the four rental years I have not had to worry about anything. Patricia sold our town home in four weeks with multiple offers. I am very pleased and highly recommend them as property managers and sales agents.

    - Michael Schneider

  • Troy Herman has made renting my house for the last almost 4 years practically effortless. He has always conscientiously attended to the needs of all parties, always promptly responded to my questions or concerns. Woodruff Property Management's office staff has also provided quality service to me. The owner's portal on the website makes it easy to retrieve maintenance, financial records and statements. I highly recommend this company.

    - Rinat Ludwig

  • We've had great luck working with Geoff Chatham from Woodruff Property Management. Geoff is very professional, helpful, and great to work with. You can always count of Geoff to be a straight-shooter--and his opinion about the Denver rental market is spot on. We love working with Geoff and we would not want to ever work with anyone else. If you are looking for someone trustworthy, dependable, and hard-working, Geoff is your guy!

    - Maryanne Flynn

  • I have had nothing but great service from Woodruff Real Estate & development, the staff is very professional, courteous and efficient. Having them manage my rental property couldn't be any easier. Its almost like the info commercial "Set it and Forget It" I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs a property manager.

    - Mo Bailado

  • Woodruff has been managing my rental property for almost a year now, and they have been great. They found excellent tenants who signed a 16-month lease. Now I feel like I don't have to worry about the property anymore and whether or not I will get my rent each month. It has been a very different experience from finding tenants on craig's list, hoping you have covered everything in the lease, dealing with a lot of excuses, hoping you will get your rent each month, & when you don't, hoping they will leave without having to go through the process of having them evicted. It has been well worth the money to go with Woodruff.

    - Leah Jones

  • I am an owner of a townhouse and retained Woodruff property management over a year and a half ago to handle the property management of my house. Pam Carlson has been my primary contact (everything else is done via email and through their website). Pam was able to get a qualified tenant in less than two weeks after listing and at my desired rental rate. On two separate occasions, while I was out of town, problems arose that required my approval and Pam took care of everything professionally and expeditiously. I couldn't have asked for more from Pam and Woodruff and am very pleased that they are taking care of my property.

    - John Tedrick

  • Staff was very responsive, always professional and easy to deal with. Really enjoyed working with Skyler & Geoff.

    - Chase B

  • All I can say is AWESOME, great communication, quick problem solvers and Sarah is a top notch property manager.

    - Chris

  • I had a great experience with Woodruff and would recommend them to anyone looking to rent. George R. And his team were responsive and professional. All of our requests, al beit very few, were handled quickly and correctly. George actually come over himself on a Saturday to assist with a garage door issue. I will gladly do business with Woodruff again.

    - Macy

  • Hi Andrew, I wanted to send you an email and tell you what a difference it has been working with Geoff…. He is always available and gets back to me in a timely manner- there is NO BS. I feel that he is looking out for me as the client and helping me to make the best decision when it comes to my property. I wanted to let you know that I think he has been a great addition to your team and also am thankful for him stepping in and taking over my property. Thank you – hope you are well.

    - Betsy

  • I have dealt with 3 realtors and 1 property manager in the past. 2 of the 3 realtors weren't the best and the others were just okay. Lets just say, it left a bitter taste. However, after speaking with Geoff Chatham over the phone, I realized how knowledgable, approachable, and honest he was. Geoff not only listens to you but also provides valuable suggestions and accurate valuations of your property rental and market value worth. He is very co-operative and willing to work endlessly with the client until they are satisfied. He is available any time of the day and I can say this with confidence because one night I sent him an e-mail at 11:30pm and he responded within 5 mins, and also called me right away. I don't post reviews often but I felt the need to this time because its the least I could owe Geoff for the incredible service and advice he has provided me with. Without any hesitation, I would retain Geoff's services in the future whether its for my rental or purchasing/selling my home.

    - Lalit

  • I used to rent before owning this home and I have a new found appreciation for what I might have put my landlords through when I tried to manage my property myself. Even though I have a small house, commanding a small rent (and therefore a small property management fee) I still feel that I am treated like someone generating a lot more income for Woodruff. For this very low management fee I get very low stress levels and a manager, Patricia, who loves my property as much as I do. Would recommend them for anyone who is thinking of leasing out their house for the first time, I have never had a problem with tenants they have selected and they managed the previous tenants I had chosen when I was doing it on my own. I am paid promptly every month.

    - Stephanie

  • I have been working with Woodruff for over 3 years and they are great. All of the paperwork is stored on their online portal so it is easy to access everything. They have kept my unit steadily occupied with well-qualified renters. Their maintenance staff and contractors are top-notch, effecting timely repairs at very reasonable costs.

    - Cynde

  • We have two rental properties in Denver managed by Woodruff. They have done a fantastic job finding us good, reliable tenants who have taken good care of our properties--they deserve 5 stars for this portion of their management service. I had initially, perhaps too harshly, given a much lower rating based on some problems we had on the administrative side (incorrect owner draws, an unpaid Xcel bill between tenants that went un-addressed), but I am revising my rating to reflect the fact that Woodruff has since changed their administrative staff and so far things have been much better! Plus, the owner of the business contacted me directly to discuss the previous issues we had, and I think this speaks volumes about Woodruff's desire to perform a good service for their clients (tenants and owners).

    - Elizabeth

  • Geoff and I working together was a series of random incidents and circumstances that made me question my belief in fate. Geoff decided to trust me and become my client a couple of years ago, timing just happened to work out. During a visit to my office, to see someone we worked together with, Geoff happened to check if I was there. I mentioned to Geoff that I may be looking for a house, and that I was exploring real estate agents. Geoff casually reminded me that not only did he do property management, but that he was also an agent now as well. I felt that if Geoff was willing to trust me in my new line of business, that I should go ahead and give him a shot. And boy was I sure glad I did. Due to a recent divorce, I had a very limited area in which I was able to look, in a market with continually dwindling inventory, and some bureaucracy we had to deal with to make the deal happen. Geoff was patient in dealing with situation. We finally found the right property, it was perfect, it was in the right location, it was affordable. Someone else felt the same way and was able to get an offer accepted before us. Instead of throwing in the towel on this difficult search, Geoff reached out to his co workers, and found another agent who was renting a townhouse in the same unit. He reached out to the owner to see if they were willing to sell, and was able to get us a viewing at a similar unit. During our visit to this unit, a neighbor came out, and asked us if we wanted to buy their unit. Geoff was able to represent both sides in a fair manner. I truly feel that Geoff was able to represent the previous homeowners fairly, without compromising the relationship and position that we had going in. It was a unique circumstance for someone who is newer in the business to encounter, and he handled professionally, and I think both parties came away feeling like it worked out for everyone. Which I am certain is rare. Outside of being able to close on this difficult situation, Geoff was extremely valuable throughout the process of the close and the move. His knowledge, and taste, was extremely helpful for this color blind, single dad, with not sense of style. Geoff was able to make great recommendations on changes I should consider to make the property more of my style. Quite simply, Geoff was full service, very helpful, made the best out of a difficult situation, got a property for me in a difficult market, and made this whole process easy. Far easier than other agents I have worked with in the past with many years of experience. I am lucky to have Geoff both as a friend and as an agent, and whole heatedly recommend using his services to anyone looking to make a move.

    - Ryan

  • Dear Patricia… I did speak to the potential client of yours that owns a condo that she cannot sell and would like to rent out. I gave you a glowing reference and told her I would not anyone else to manage our property other than you. I also told her you do not "nickel and dime" us to death like other companies do. She said she is moving to Africa and needs someone she can trust since she is moving so far away.I still cannot believe how you have collected the rent on [our rental property] so efficiently and on time compared to the prior property management company we had. I thank you for that again. Mr. Woodruff should be proud of you and his staff.

    - Tom Van Ness

  • I contacted Woodruff Property Management after finding them here on Angie's list. I scheduled a time for Troy Herman to come out and provide me with an estimate. Troy Herman showed up on time and provided me a professional proposal complete with rent comparables and a partial list of other properties under his management. I was a little skeptical at first because of their upfront fees and the monthly costs when compared to some other property management companies but in the end, their professionalism & their guarantee sold me.

    - Melissa Di Giacomo
    [ an Angie’s List review]

  • Working with Geoff and Woodruff Real Estate was a great experience. My husband and I spent a year oversees, renting out our home while we were gone. I’d like to emphasize that we were renting out our home, not a rental property, so we needed to insure that the renters would be responsible and respectful of our property and neighbors. From the very beginning, working with Geoff was easy. Knowing the market, Geoff was able to help us set the rental price – a price that was higher than we would have asked if we were doing this on our own. Geoff found us the perfect renters, a couple who took impeccable care of our home, paid the rent on time, and were friendly with our neighbors. As we were out of the country, we knew that we would not be able to manage the rental on our own. Again, Geoff provided us with wonderful service. Geoff was very responsive at all times, even for the smallest requests. Woodruff’s online portal made communication simple and transparent. The financial and legal aspects of the rental were seamless and easily understandable. I would highly recommend Geoff and Woodfuff Real Estate! Thank you!

    - Cindy J
    [ a ReviewBuzz review]

  • Hi Patricia,
    I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for being such a great Property Manager. You do an excellent job balancing my needs as a home owner with the needs of my tenants, I know this is no easy task! You are always patient, honest and I trust you. Thank you for always having time for me, I know you are very busy, but you always have time to listen. If I have any friends in Denver who need a Property Manager I will not hesitate to recommend you. Thank you.

    - Kerstin

  • Thanks Geoff.
    This is great news. There is no way I could have handled this freezing pipe incident on my own being so far away from the property, not having the contacts for repair services and then just the time involved so I really do appreciate it and I am a believer in the service and capabilities that Woodruff Property Management provides! Talk soon,

    - Jason

  • Dear Pam,
    First I want to thank you for all your hard work. You made the process of renting go smoothly and your calm demeanor made me feel better throughout. You have inspired confidence in my leaving my home in the care of someone else and after all theses years that is not easy!

    - Marcia Gray

  • Dear Andrew,
    Thank you. This is why I love your company. I appreciate all that you do to make it convenient for owners to access our accounts from far away! It provides me with peace of mind! Sincerely,

    - Amy Miller

  • Geoff,
    we can’t tell you how much we appreciate your work!! I have cc’d Andrew on this as well so he understands how happy we have been with your efforts and really looking forward to continuing to build the relationship with you and Woodruff. It’s a real pleasure to work with you and Nicole and I really appreciate it!

    - Marc S.
    [Senior Vice President CI]

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