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Summertime is a common season for tenant turnovers. Unfortunately, some tenants do not provide much notice that they will be moving out and when only given 30 days, it can be a stressful period to try and complete paperwork, run advertisements, book viewings and find a new suitable renter. Here are a few tips that can help make the turnover process less stressful.

Advertise Immediately

Your rental unit does not need to be empty before listing the property. As soon as you receive notice, start advertising on reputable rental property listing sites and make sure to highlight the best features of the unit in your description and photos. Try to arrange viewings immediately so that the new tenant can move in right after the current one leaves. After all, an empty unit is just losing money.

Invest in Upgrades

When faced with a tenant leaving is an opportunity to invest in key upgrades that will not only make a great impression for new renters but save time and money in the long run. South Haven property management teams are aware of how simple upgrades like replacing a leaky faucet, can make a big difference in overall appearance and tenant satisfaction.


Have a go-to set of neutral colors like beige which show less dirt and grime than white and also creates a warmer atmosphere. Inspect the unit for areas that may need to be touched up such as baseboards or high traffic areas, or give the entire unit a fresh new paint of coat to make it sparkle.


Inspect the Exterior

Make sure that the outside of the unit looks fantastic and inviting as well. Many prospective renters will first drive by a listing to see if they may be interested before booking an appointment. Make sure that the lawn is well landscaped and some flower beds make a great impression as well.

South Haven property management teams should also make sure to document the condition of the unit with photos prior to the new tenant moving in. For safety reasons, make sure that all locks have been changed. By planning ahead and making the most out of an upcoming opportunity, short notice turnovers can be much more manageable for your team.

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