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Mold Prevention Tips for South Haven Property Managers

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Mold is highly toxic to your tenants and highly destructive for the buildings that you manage, not to mention how it can damage profitability. While there is always a base level of mold in the air, once it festers into a problem within your building, it can cause serious issues. Mold has cost South Haven Property Managers and those across the country millions of dollars in repairs and lost income from units that have become uninhabitable.

Especially in multi-family, high-rise buildings, mold prevention can be a challenge for a number of reasons including that the previous landlords or owners neglected the issue or that South Haven property managers do not have control over the building’s ventilation inside the apartments. There are however some tips that can help prevent mold and to mitigate existing mold issues.


The first thing to be aware of is that fighting mold is essentially a battle against moisture. To protect your property, tenants, and investment, take the following precautions:


1. Landscape around the property to ensure that ground slopes will guide water away from the building.

 2. Frequently clear debris from rain gutters and the roof

 3. Use mold resistant plastic between the surrounding topsoil and foundation of the building to create a barrier against moisture.


In addition, make sure to look for the most common areas that mold accumulates within multi-level residential buildings

1. Windows

2. Shower Tiles

3. Washing Machine and Dishwasher Hoses

4. Water Heaters

5. Roof Leaks

6. Basements

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Tenants also need to be aware that they need to fight against mold within their units and alert management as soon as they notice that there may be a problem. Add a mold addendum to every new lease agreement that will help protect South Haven property managers against damage that tenant negligence causes and that also gives a right to evict a tenant should they not properly maintain their unit.

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